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My Quarantine Life

Disclaimer: During the duration of our closure, the staff at The Forge has decided to forego our usual weekly format. Instead, each day we will publish an article written by one of our staff members addressing their personal responses during this time. Therefore, the opinions expressed in these articles solely represent those of the author. We hope to return to our traditional publishing schedule soon.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another episode of My Quarantine Life! For this episode we have a special guest. Please welcome Brianna Martin!

1. How has your work schedule been affected?

I work at an ice cream parlor and we have not closed. We no longer allow inside sitting because of what Governor McMasters has said; however, we still allow costumers inside so they can order. Although, we are only letting one paying group inside the parlor at one time. The other customers have to wait in a line outside. We also have curbside service which is when a customer will call the parlor and order from their car. The employee will make the order, ring it up on the register, print a receipt and take it out to the customers car. After that, the employee will comeback inside with the money, get the correct change, and take it back out to the customers car. Even before the quarantine we would clean, but now we clean more frequently and we wipe down doors and handles as often as we can. Another thing the employees do is wear gloves when scooping ice cream to prevent passing germs to each other.

2. What good has come out of the quarantine?

It is great that the world has been able to recharge due to the quarantine! For me specifically, I have been able to start reading again! I love to read, but I never had enough time because I was busy with school and work.

3. What do you miss most?

I miss being able to see people. Yes I see people when I work, but I do not have a chance to have a genuine conversation with them since they are there for ice cream and there are other customers that need to be helped. Plus, it is a little awkward to talk to a stranger.

4. What do you do during the day since you can’t go anywhere?

I'm mostly doing school work. I've been able to start reading again which is really nice. I'm usually to busy with school, homework, work, and other things that I never had time to read books that I want.

5. How has your regular grocery shopping been affected?

Okay so funny story. Right as the quarantine started my family ran out of toilet paper. We had 3 rolls left for 10 people in the house. So that day my stepmom picked me up from work and we went to CVS, Dollar General, and Aldi's to find toilet paper. Meanwhile, one of my stepbrothers was on the other side of town trying to find toilet paper. Nobody found any. So the next day my stepmom woke up really early and went around to a bunch of stores to see if they had gotten any in an overnight shipment. Thankfully, she was able to find some. Other than that there were a few times my dad would go to the store to get lunch meat and bread, but there was not any.

6. How is online school going?

It's going good. I understand all the material my teachers are covering. The only thing I do not like is that all my teachers are using different ways to send out assignments. I have some teachers using google meet, google classroom, their own website, zoom, and blackboard. Plus, I have a college class the same time I have Forensics so it is a little frustrating that I will not be able to be involved in my Forensics class.

7. What places have you gone to since the quarantine?

I have gone to Ingles a few times, but I mostly go to work.

8. How are you coping?

There is not much I need to cope with because I prefer having online school because I can go as fast or slow as I need to. Other than that, I have been texting my friends more than I usually do since I do not see them at school or anywhere else.

9. What do you think you will remember most from all of this?

I will remember all of the precautions we used at work in order to keep everyone safe and how toilet paper and bread disappeared from the stores.

10. How has this affected your everyday life?

Once a week my stepmom has my siblings and I help her with chores around the house. Before the quarantine, she would clean while my siblings and I were at school. Now that we are home and she has to teach my 6 year old brother the rest of my siblings and I help her. Other than that, I get to sleep in since my earliest class is at 9 in the morning.

11. How many people know someone who has COVID-19?

At the current moment I do not know anyone that has COVID-19.