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The Effects of Quarantine

Disclaimer: During the duration of our closure, the staff at The Forge has decided to forego our usual weekly format. Instead, each day we will publish an article written by one of our staff members addressing their personal responses during this time. Therefore, the opinions expressed in these articles solely represent those of the author. We hope to return to our traditional publishing schedule soon.

The quarantine has affected everyone in different ways. Some people are actually enjoying it. For me, life is all mixed up and I’m trying to balance schoolwork and this sudden catastrophe all at once. I haven’t been able to leave the house in two weeks because my mom is scared of my sisters and I catching COVID-19. Mostly, I’ve just been staying in my room doing schoolwork and playing video games. I rely on school to keep me talking to people my own age, and with the self-quarantine, I haven’t talked to anyone my age face-to-face in three weeks. It seems so trivial, but it’s the thing I miss most and it’s affecting me in the worst way possible. Although teachers are trying to keep it easiest as possible in online schooling, it still seems so pressing. Deadlines suddenly have so much more weight, and without the reliability of College Sem, I’m starting to struggle with keeping up. I’m trying to find small things to cope with all this, and right now all it seems I can do is just find ways to pass the time. Grocery shopping is a mess, too. My parents are getting food and toilet paper for us and another family member, so it’s been very hectic.

I guess there is some good in it, though. I’m sort of getting better sleep because I don’t have to wake up as early as I usually do for school. I’m struggling to find more optimistic things, but I hope everyone is having a better time in all of this. If not, know this: it will be okay again. I miss you all, and please stay safe.