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Teacher Experiences

Personally, I have been able to spend a lot of time with my husband and our sweet baby boy. Something that I certainly do not take for granted as it was so unexpected to have this much time together. Globally, I am amazed by the selfless individuals who continue to work, serve, and protect our community. It's times like these where people can come together for a common good and show the goodness in humanity. I miss hugging people. I'm such a hugger (I am my father's daughter) and feel uplifted by hugs from others. I miss my students and friends at school and embracing them with love. In between answering emails, I've been exercising, doing house/yard work, cuddling my sweet baby boy, and catching up with friends. We go on a lot of neighborhood walks too! We have been using grocery delivery services before coronavirus (hello newborn baby) so our grocery shopping really hasn't been affected too much. The only "issue" we've had is not being able to purchase baby formula one time. But Amazon for the win and now have it set up on auto delivery. I am so proud of my College Seminar kids for embracing this change. Teaching College Seminar aka Study Hall at school is all about accountability and ensuring that my kids are doing what they are suppose to at the college level. I've created a Google Classroom to assist with checking grades, sending announcements, etc. All students in college classes have joined and seem to be actively working towards passing their GTC Classes. I can imagine that its difficult and has been a challenge but I know this will only benefit our students as they adapt to life after high school and whatever challenges they may face. We have really worked hard to limit our travel or who we see. We visit Coach Smith, the Chiropractor, the Pediatrician for a check up, and hubby has gone to the grocery. Other than that we've stayed home. I get by with a little help from my friends :) I told my husband last week that I'm not really good at this whole social distancing thing. So much of me involves being social. Whether it be at school or out in the community. I am a people person and truly thrive on social interaction. With that being said this time has given me a chance to be quiet and still and enjoy time with my family while also connecting to friends on a deeper level through phone calls/Facetime/Zoom/Marco Polo. When I start to feel a little isolated I'll go for a walk and call a friend to ground me. The thing I will remember most about all of this is the time that we have been blessed with to be still, to rest, to spend time with one another and to find creative ways to connect with our friends and family. We are so grateful for technology! In fact, a group of my girlfriends have made it a priority to do a weekly check in. That's more than what we ever did prior to coronavirus. This time has given us a chance to reflect on life and take inventory on it's priorities. I personally know two individuals that have been diagnosed. One here in Greenville and one in Charleston. It's so scary! Thankfully both are doing well and are recovering safely at their homes.