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My Quaran-time

Disclaimer: During the duration of our closure, the staff at The Forge has decided to forego our usual weekly format. Instead, each day we will publish an article written by one of our staff members addressing their personal responses during this time. Therefore, the opinions expressed in these articles solely represent those of the author. We hope to return to our traditional publishing schedule soon.

Alright, here is a little bit of how I've been living and thinking while in quarantine right now!

1. How has your work schedule been affected?

I now either wake up at 4:00 am or 12:00 pm and see what happens from there, and with no enforced schedule I don't see it changing anytime soon.

2. What good has come out of the quarantine?

I have been able to play more music than I have before which has made me feel good and productive. Recently I have learning more of the mountain dulcimer and playing more of the electric guitar.

3. What do you miss most?

I miss going out with friends the most right now. Just being able to hang out on a whim or plan a day out is something I really wish I could do right now.

4. What do you do during the day since you can’t go anywhere here?

I usually just play music and listen to music while finding more stuff to cut out and hang on my walls/ceiling when not doing school work. I really just do anything to occupy my mind.

6. How is online school going?

It sucks, like a lot. That is all I will say.

7. What places have you gone to since the quarantine?

I have gone to Dollar General and the store for toilet paper and chips a few times so that is pretty cool.

8. How are you coping?

I honestly just don't care about the virus and that's my coping. My immediate reaction was to just ignore it in a way to save me from excessive anxiety, and at this point even if I wanted to try and care I just can't. I do feel guilty that I have the privilege to just ignore it though. This way of coping may also have to do with the excessive media around the whole situation that has come to desensitize me which is a whole other problem, but hey, at least i'm not panicking.

9. What do you think you will remember most from all of this?

I'll really just remember how poorly our country has dealt with this whole situation and how all the societal effects of the virus has made me consider moving to other, more prepared countries after college.

10. How has this affected your everyday life?

It really hasn't affected my daily life at all because I'm a minor in this time. Sure I'm not going to school or seeing friends but that's really it. I'm seriously lucky to be a minor depending on my parents, and they're lucky to have jobs they can do at home. What's terrible is the amount of people who aren't as lucky while the government leaves them behind. It is our governments job to keep our citizens safe, not stock markets or big businesses, but I am only a high school student and all I can do is sit and observe what happens while I have no control.

I already know there's a lot of seriousness in the news so I want to lighten this up a bit. At the end of the day being positive and having optimism is the only way to get through. Even when it seems hard and you start to have negative thoughts, which are OK to have, you got to follow them up with anyway to make yourself feel a little bit better and give yourself just a few things you can control yourself. Stay safe, stay sane, and most of all make an effort to be happy through all the tough times man!

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