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Teacher Experiences: Mr. Gallion

1. How has your work schedule been affected?

It's been a little rough, honestly. The line between work life/home life was pretty much obliterated for the first week or two. I'm doing better at drawing hard lines - I'll try to stop doing anything related to school by 5:00, for example - but it's not always easy.

2. What good has come out of the quarantine?

I've enjoyed spending more time with my family and I've been able to read a lot more.

3. How has this affected your separation between work, school, and home life?

See above.

4. What do you miss most?

My students! History is great, but it's the daily interaction with my students that makes teaching so enjoyable. Missing out on that is like getting all the less enjoyable parts of teaching (planning and grading) without the perks - you guys!

5. What do you do during the day since you can’t go anywhere here?

School work. Play games with my kids. Read books. Read about the coronavirus. Get frustrated with conspiracy theorists on facebook. Watch some TV.

6. How has your regular grocery shopping been affected?

We're trying to go less often and are only sending one of us at a time. No letting the kids tag along. It's occasionally been hard to find some of the things we need, but we've done okay so far.

7. How is online school going?

See above.

8. What places have you gone to since the quarantine?

Nowhere. That's the point of quarantine, right? My wife has gone to the store.

9. How are you coping?

Eh. Pretty well, until I don't. It depends how much I read the news (which is usually too much). There's a lot to worry about and there's a lot to be hopeful about.

10. What do you think you will remember most from all of this?

The time with my family, for sure. I'll probably also remember not loving online school and having a higher than normal level of anxiety.

11. How has this affected your everyday life?

See above.

12. How many people know someone who has COVID-19?

I don't know how many people know someone who has it. I don't know anyone personally who does, though I know a number of people who have friends/family with it.

13. Does anyone have family, friends, or a significant other that they have been unable to see since this has begun?- what has that experience been like?

Yes, there are many people who have family, friends, or a significant other that they can't see. For me, it stinks. We've literally only seen my parents because they dropped some things off outside the door and we waved to them from a distance. There are plenty of methods to communicate using technology that help. Because I want to see these people for a long time into the future, I'm willing to not see them in person now.

14. Have you volunteered to help with any service to distribute aid/supplies during this situation?