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Teacher Experiences: Ms. Teel

1. What good has come out of the quarantine?

I am going to take a personal view of this question. The personal results of the quarantine will be collectively what I made of it. If I eat junk food and watch tv the entire time then the result will be negative. Personally, I miss students and friends and interaction with them, but have seen many good changes in my life. I have been able to go to the two Bible studies I usually go to more consistently. Before, school would go long or I would have meetings that would force me to miss. It has been encouraging to be able to attend both Bible studies remotely and continue through the two books I am currently reading for them. I have been able to eat regular meals. I have been able to more wisely budget money and stay within the budget as I spend purposefully. I have been eating more mindfully. I have been able to soak up 30 minutes of sun in the afternoons! The biggest negative that will be evident when the quarantine is over is the selfishness that the quarantine allows me to live in. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. It may sound like a dream, but it is where selfishness grows.

2. How has your regular grocery shopping been affected?

Yes, drastically and positively. Before the virus, grocery shopping was sporadic and not regular at all. Since being at home, I have time to consider what meals to fix the next week and have started keeping grocery lists. I am now shopping once every two weeks. I only buy what I need. I have seen a large decrease in the amount of money going towards food. Before I was eating out more and buying food that would go to waste before I could eat it. Since I am home, I coordinate meals with what needs to be eaten instead of grabbing whatever and running out the door.

3. How has this affected your everyday life?

Effects events have on our lives often, not always, involve our reactions to them. I would say that the virus has not negatively affected my life. I can teach online and carry on with household tasks. So, not much there has changed. The largest difference is how much money I am not spending! Staying home and doing regular grocery shopping has cut down unnecessary spending- which is awesome! Some bills are higher since I am home all day, but overall I have seen less spending!

4. Do you know someone who has COVID-19?

I do not personally know anyone with COVID-19 since the pandemic started. I know several people who have tested positive for the antibodies test from sicknesses during December & January.

5. Have you volunteered to help with any service to distribute aid/supplies during this situation?

Within the first two weeks of the pandemic breaking out, I began making face masks to send to organizations that are distributing them to hospitals.