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Teacher Experiences: Mrs. Rouse

1. What good has come out of the quarantine?

Downtime with my family has been a huge blessing! Before the quarantine, we were on this stressful schedule. We were constantly "going". It has been nice to relax and be together. Another awesome aspect is NO STANDARDIZED TESTING!

2. How has this affected your separation between work, school, and home life?

At first, I felt the line between work, school, and home life was blurred, which was really unhealthy and stressful for me. It took several days for me to get into a routine. I did not need to check my work email 24/7. I needed to be present for my family, too. Finding that balance helped me.

3. What do you miss most?

I miss the students. 100%, I miss the students. I miss hearing their voices. I miss the conversations. I miss them so much!

4. What do you do during the day since you can’t go anywhere here?

During the day, I try to work while my kids are working on their school work. This can be challenging since my 3rd grader and 6th grader need help with their school work. In the afternoon, we like to go for a walk or play outside. After dinner, we like to watch a movie, play cards or a board game, or go outside. Our current obsession is The Last Dance (sports documentary focusing on the 1997–98 Chicago Bulls).

5. How has your regular grocery shopping been affected?

Now, going to the grocery store is like "going to town". I do not complain about going! My grocery bill is much higher than usual since we are eating at home and I have 3 boys that eat ALL of the time.

6. How are you coping?

It depends on the day. Sometimes, I love being at home and not being on a schedule. Other days, I just want to be back on a schedule and go back to "normal life". To cope when I am feeling down or stressed, I go for a walk, ride my motorcycle, play a game with my kids, watch TV, play video games, or read.

7. What do you think you will remember most from all of this?

I will remember how life as we knew it came to an immediate STOP. I will also remember my time with my family.

8. Does anyone have family, friends, or a significant other that they have been unable to see since this has begun?- what has that experience been like?

I have been unable to see my 94-year-old grandmother, Mama Margaret. I miss her! My kids miss her, but we want her to be well and safe.