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Working in Quarantine

As you may already know, there have been regulations placed on stores and restaurants to ensure that everyone stays safe during this time. This is my personal experience about changes within my work place compared to other stores.

I work at an ice cream parlor and we have not closed. At first we did not allow inside sitting because of what Governor McMaster had said; however, we still allow costumers inside one group at a time so they can order. The other customers have to wait in a line outside. We have placed markers on the ground so that customers can still practice social distancing while they are waiting. At that time we still allowed people to sit outside, but that too was eventually stopped. As of May 4th, customers were able to sit outside again, but they cannot sit inside yet.

We also have curbside service for customers that are not comfortable coming inside. Curbside service is like our version of a drive through so customers that use curbside have to wait until we finish serving the people waiting before them. For example, there is a line of three people and someone calls in a curbside order. That person is considered fourth in line and has to wait until we serve the three other people in line.

Even before the quarantine we would clean, but now we clean more frequently and we wipe down doors and handles as often as we can. Another thing the employees do is wear gloves when scooping ice cream to prevent passing germs to each other. As the weather has gotten warmer we have gotten busier and we usually have a long line of people waiting. In order to help speed along the process one worker will go outside and take orders. After taking a few orders they will come back inside and we will begin to make it. The other workers will continue to help the people currently in the parlor or work on a curbside order. By the time an order is made the people who wanted it are in the parlor and all they have to do is pay.

Our system is a little different than other restaurants and stores. For example, many chain restaurants, like Zaxby's, are only using their drive throughs. They do not allow any customers inside the building. Restaurants that do not have a drive through are also putting markers on the ground. At one point, Home Depot only let a certain number of people in at a time. They monitored this by having one worker stand at the entrance and one at the exit. As one person leaves the worker at the exit will text the other so he or she can let another person inside. While my work place does not demand that masks be worn, Costco has stated that customers must wear a mask in order to shop at their stores. Many grocery stores, like Ingles, have put arrows on the floor so people can only go one way down the aisle.