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Student Ambassadors' Sustainability eBook

GMC student ambassadors have worked hard during the 2019-2020 school year to write a book about sustainability, Sustainability for Not-So-Smart People. The online book includes chapters on how to reduce one's carbon footprints, one's negative effects on the environment. Writing the book was a project which they had hoped to present at the MCNC conference (Middle College National Consortium). The conference was scheduled during April in Flint, Michigan, but it was cancelled due to the Corona Virus outbreak. Despite this, they finished the book this month. In the book, one will find a guide on how to be sustainable in one's transportation, pet care, diet, electricity, gardening, and more. The book also discusses how to apply these sustainable methods to life in a Tiny House, which is a new way of life many people are pursuing for its ability to reduce waste. It also includes a helpful guide on what can be recycled, as well as different ways one can incorporate environmental activism into one's daily life. The student ambassadors carefully planned and executed the writing of this book, and they hope to make a small difference by educating people on sustainability.

You can read the book HERE.