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Quarant-in and Quarant-out

Change! Thank goodness for change. Without change, people would still bang rocks together for entertainment. The greatest vehicle of change would, of course, be grand and shaking societal turmoil. War, injustice, and most pertinent these days: disease. Have you gotten tired of hearing of it yet? Yes, this current pandemic is straight from a textbook in its potential to change the way any number of cultures may operate.

Only it hasn't. Certainly not yet, anyway.

Go on the roads, I guarantee you could tell no difference from this time last year. There has been no "in" or "out" of any consequence. This whole affair is but a fad to most. Restaurants are open, masks are a formality, any semblance of worry is an afterthought. I make no statements on the efficiency or safety of such views, I only wonder what all the hubbub was for, when everyone seems to be "over it." Perhaps there is no guarantee of sweeping change for any one occurrence and it is a miracle that everything can return to the way it was, but I can't help but be disappointed that there's nothing to show for all the inconvenience.