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Mask Mania

At the start of Covid-19, it was almost impossible to find and buy medical masks. Thankfully, many companies have increased their production of masks or started from scratch.

1. Workforce

Usually a menswear company, the creators at workforce are now using their extra fabric to sell reusable, washable masks. For each mask purchased, they will donate one standard mask to a hospital in the Boston area. You can buy the mask here.

2. Etsy

If you're looking for a more personalized mask, Etsy has you covered! Thousands of artists are making stylish masks, and there are hundreds of thousands of options to choose from!

3. Hedley & Bennett

This company is also offering a buy one give one deal on masks. For each mask purchased, they will donate a mask to a healthcare institution. You can buy the mask here.

4. Amazon

Amazon covers your needs for basic medical masks which can be purchased in bundles from different price ranges.

5. Nineteenth Amendment

This company will allow you to buy one mask and donate one, buy one and donate five, etc. The prices increase with every set, and the donated masks will be sent to healthcare facilities. You can view buying options here.

6. DIY

Of course, there are many tutorials on how to make a mask online. You can make some fro yourself and donate others if you wish!

These are just a few of the buying options for masks to use during the pandemic. You can find thousands of different options by searching for masks online, and many of these also have charitable options.