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"That's not Dress Code"

GMC just recently sent out our updated dress code for next year. Not too much was changed except a few specifications on previous rules, as well as a more detailed set of rules for dress down days. Here is the detailed list of changes:

  • Black pants must be “khaki” material.

  • Mid-thigh means specifically no shorter than 3” above top of the knee.

  • Black polos now allowed.

  • Jackets and sweaters can no longer be gray

  • Added a more specific dress down day code:

  • All clothes must be neat and without rips, tears, or holes.

  • Shorts and pants can be khakis, black pants, or blue jeans.

  • Shorts and skirts still adhere to the mid-thigh rule.

  • Pants must fit at the waist and not drag the ground.

  • Leggings, athletic pants/shorts, joggers, sweatpants, overalls, and jumpers are prohibited.

  • Shirts: The shirt has to be long enough not to cover mid-sections when arms are raised.

  • Non-GMC Approved outerwear is acceptable.

  • Any other personal appearance issue(s) that are deemed as a distraction to learning OR are outside the parameters of the representation of a GMC student will also be considered a violation of the dress code.

The new rules are all pretty self explanatory, and it is helpful to see more in-depth rules on what you can and cannot wear on dress down days. I emailed Mr. Dillard to get some clarification on dress down day rules, since the shirt portion of it was sort of ambiguous.

Now let’s actually talk about the rule changes. First of all, the “black pants have to be ‘khaki’ material.” Let’s be honest, half of the people are still going to continue wearing black jeans. The mid-thigh thing is definitely understandable. A new color we are allowed to wear is pretty sweet, but then they said we can’t wear grey outerwear. As for the dress down day code, nothing really changed there, so I can keep wearing my ramen noodle sweatshirts to school on Fridays. Overall, nothing too impactful was changed, so no need to rush out and replace all your clothing for next year.

For reference, click here.