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Student Experiences

We received so many responses from students that we decided to feature as many as possible in one article! The following are various student's responses to questions we have asked teachers. This will provide a glimpse into the life of GMC students under quarantine.

1. What do you do during the day since you can’t go anywhere?

"I go on runs, walks, or bike rides. I also play games with my siblings." -Abby Fowler

"working or at the lake" -Ansley Mason

"I do the same as always: play games, work, & write my novel" -CJ Eldridge

"Homework, take a walk, play video games." -Alexander Chebowski

"I watch Netflix, talk to friends, and do school work." -Aaron Boone

"I mainly do school work, but I also started to plant a garden." -Grace Besser

"Sleep, take care of family members, school work"- Aly Green

"I run and workout. I do the homework assigned to me and I am studying for college exams. I love cooking and baking. I also spend time with other people on zoom calls throughout the week." -Rylie Anderson

2. How has your regular grocery shopping been affected?

"It is not hard because there is nothing. It is hard because you don't know who actually cares about being 6ft apart and if you are on an isle and you see someone you have to go somewhere else if you are not six feet apart."- Abby Fowler

"Nothings changed but I cant find good spaghettiO's." -Ansley Mason

"We usually have to go to a couple more stores to find the things we need." -CJ Eldridge

"We sanitize everything with soapy water and/or bleach before putting it away." -Alexander Chebowski

"Can’t go do random ice cream runs:(" -Nicole Hurley

"Hasn’t been affected at all, we just go to the grocery store." -Dinah Rogers

"My family uses curbside pickup." -Grace Besser

"My family and I have not been affected too much by the grocery shopping. However, we wish people would stop buying an over excessive amount of toilet paper." -Rylie Anderson

"The quarantine had only slowed our travel by a little bit. We still go grocery shopping weekly." -Owen Martin

"We stocked up on toilet paper early!" -Ashley Mckinney

3. How is online school going?

"annoying" -Zachary Niskanen

"Really good! Teachers are very helpful!" -Nicole Hurley

"I am doing fine with doing school online. It has not been too bad." -Rylie Anderson

"Easy, but boring. Plus it's hard to stay on track." -Owen Martin

"Pretty Good, since college is finally over." -Ashley Mckinney

4. What do you miss most?

"school people" -Zachary Niskanen

"Nothing; I'm usually more of a hermit than most people anyways." -CJ Eldridge

"The ability to travel, go to different places, eat out, being able to shop online without the risk of getting infected." -Alexander Chebowski

"Seeing friends, going to school, and school activities" -Dinah Rogers

"My friends and being able to go to events" -Aaron Boone

"I miss the routine that comes with school. I love it more than trying figure this online stuff by myself. However, I also miss the freedom of seeing people." -Rylie Anderson

"Civilization" -Owen Martin

"My girls :(" -Ashley Mckinney

5. What good has come out of quarantine?

"closing of school" -Zachary Niskanen

"I have grown closer to God and I have also gotten closer to my siblings. My family has also gotten closer." -Ashley Mckinney

"I'm working more." -Ansley Mason

"I've had more time to write." -CJ Eldridge

"Our exams and EOC's have been cancelled." -Alexander Chebowski

"Being able to work on myself!" -Nicole Hurley

"I’ve gotten to spend more time with my family" -Aaron Boone

"My relationship with Jesus has grown, family bond has become stronger." -Aly Green

"I have been able to exercise more and do more project around the house. The big project my family took on was our yard and now it look like it could be in a commercial." -Rylie Anderson

6. What do you think you will remember most from all of this?

"online prom" -Zachary Niskanen

"it was the time we had no toilet paper" -Ansley Mason

"How much I hate online school and how much I hate not seeing people that I love" -Dinah Rogers

"Being super bored and the fact that the whole nation basically went into quarantine." -Aaron Boone

"The whole thing! All the days just kind of blend together at this point." -Rylie Anderson

"Seeing everyone’s creative ideas for masks" -Ashley Mckinney

Stay strong, Blazers!