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More Room for Our Athletes?

Do you think that our GMC athletes need more room for their sports? Is there a sport that you would like to have at this school, but wouldn't be possible with the lack of space? Well all of that may be a possibility in the future for GMC!

Mr. Crawford has been negotiating with Greenville Tech to acquire 19 more acres of land to construct a few sports fields, along with more parking! This would be located in the piece of land next to GMC with the dumpster and our bus parking lot. Specifically, Mr. Crawford wants to add a soccer field, track, and parking space. Later on there will be a baseball and softball field there as well.

Getting the land from Greenville Tech could take 5-6 months, and the construction could take 8-9 months on top of that. Those estimations are all best-case scenarios, but it is the schedule that Mr. Crawford hopes to follow in the coming year.

It would be so exciting for GMC to offer more athletic opportunities here! It would strengthen the athletic community, and honestly make participating in GMC sports a lot