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Top 10 Monkeys

Monkeys, you either love them, or you love them. They're absolutely great and some of the cutest and funniest darn things in the world. Today I will be rating some of my personal favorite monkeys as their individual selves based on their looks, personality, and overall cuteness.

Number 10 - Handsome Man

He is all dressed up and ready to go. Is it a school picture? A work ID? No, I think he just wanted to snap a picture to show the world how handsome he is. Even though he is ranked as number 10, it doesn't mean I do not love him. I mean look at him; you have to love that face!

Number 9 - Gold Chain Baby

The Adidas sweat shirt, the gold chains, this baby is pulling a look. I like how he has presented himself, and I hope he continues he Sound Cloud career in his bedroom studio. Keep it up monkey!

Number 8 - Little "NAP"

I am honored to have Little "NAP" here himself. Thank you for your service, good sir. He is so proper and his little boots are specially made. Now keep on being the Napoleon of the Chimpanzee World Little "NAP"!

Number 7 - Monkey on a Duck

Did I lie? No, it really is a monkey on a duck! The two of them are going on great adventures gaining knowledge and thrill, but I just know they each gained a friend along the way! A little birdy told me there's another spot on their journey for you too.

Number 6 - Mojo Jojo

Now I know what you're saying, "Hey Mojo Jojo is a cartoon monkey" but he is just as real as all the other monkeys on this my heart. He may be the Powerpuff girls #1 archenemy and has a weird brain under that helmet, but I think he's a really cool guy!

Number 5 - Juice box Baby

Hey, Juice box baby, is that fruit punch? Can I have a sip? Just kidding you can have that all to yourself, you earned it! Make sure not to drink too much before bedtime!

Number 4 - Bundled Up and Ready to Go

This monkey has such a fancy winter coat! She is definitely the talk of the town and makes the best chili for all her neighbors when it snows. This year she told me she's just sending heartfelt cards to be safe. Good on you Mrs. Monkey!

Number 3 - Slippers and Style

Those knitted slippers, that floral dress, and a cute tiny face! This is one cute monkey! She would help you get the groceries out of your car; she may only be able to carry one bag at a time but the help is appreciated. She also has a spare pair of slippers under her bed, go ahead and put them on so you can match!

Number 2 - Two For One Special

Shhhhhh! Be quiet they are trying to sleep! These two little tucked-in babies are so sweet, and I love them dearly. They would both pick you to be on their team in gym and sit next to you on the school bus on a field trip (they're so small they take up one seat!). Now lets turn on their night light and let them have sweet dreams!


Finally here is our number one best monkey of all time, John Deer baby!! When he is not working in the field he likes to stay home and bake pies (or at least try) with the peaches in his front yard. He may be a little small for his overalls now, but he will grow into them - just not too fast, John Deer baby!