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Opinion: Masks are Good

In my opinion masks are very good, and I hope the mask wearing culture after the pandemic is continued here in America.

Masks are something that have become the norm lately, but they are not new. Healthcare workers have worn them before this pandemic to limit spread of disease in hospitals/offices and they continue to do so daily. At times just wearing a mask for a class period can be a bit uncomfortable and it is not always easy, but when I reflect on health care workers who have been wearing these masks all day for years, it helps me realize that wearing a mask for class periods at a time is not so bad.

Now in different countries such as Japan, Korea, and China it has become common to wear a mask when you are sick or just have a mild cough as a way to be respectful to those around you and attempt to limit even the tiniest of germs and diseases.

When wearing a mask seems difficult and a little bland, a way to keep it positive and upbeat, even if it is just for yourself, is to personalize and decorate your masks. So many companies and artists have picked up making personalized and cute masks for whatever your interest is. Thinking of a mask as just an added accessory or even statement to your outfit makes it feel less of a hassle.

Masks have been proven to keep yourself and others safe from any spread of germs and are easily personalized; they are all around a just a good idea, especially if you keep a positive outlook on them. Even after the medical effects and spread of Covid have died down, I will continue to wear a mask whenever I am sick or have a cough just to keep up a respect for others and to have an added layer to my daily wardrobe.