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Stugo Elections

Even with everything going on, don't worry, we will still have student government elections. The applicants will send their campaign announcements by email posted on the @gmcstugo Instagram this week! Many positions were available for each class including the president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Students will receive campaign videos and a voting form in their GMC email by Thursday. However, voting will conclude at noon on Friday; so vote as soon as possible. The student government candidates by grade are as follows:

Student Body:

President- Sara Kate Alexander

Vice President- Ian Downs

Secretary- Cora Runion

Treasurer- Amelia Jebens, Delia Parker

Senior Class:

President- Belle Lewis, William Wilson

Vice President- Eve Ashley, Caleb Hammon, Hannah Hand

Secretary- Aaron Boone, Nicole Hurley

Treasurer- Courtney Garrett, Claire Hall, Matthew Lopez

Junior Class:

President- Sadeen Sarhan, Kierstyn Winecoff

Vice President- Magdalen Jakubiak, Grace Short

Secretary- Alex McClure, Kaileigh Stoia

Treasurer- Katie McClure

Sophomore Class:

President- Paul Rouse, Giovanna Throckmorton

Vice President- Grant Woody

Secretary- Elizabeth Mays, Rose Wilson, Abby Stefanacci

Treasurer- Ashley Kull

Freshmen Class:

Freshman Class President - Causey Williams

No other freshman applied for a position!

Be sure to look for the results once they come in, and don't forget to vote!