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There's too much work!

Because of COVID-19, this year has been strange, confusing, and ultimately tiring for everyone. As we all know, online learning was the go-to solution for schools when the virus first hit. Since we experienced a few months of this online learning in the spring, teachers have assumed that students have gotten used to - or at least have gotten the hang of - doing schoolwork at home, and have increased the workload back to the normal amount (or more!) as if nothing unusual is going on. I'm writing this article to say both high school teachers and college professors need to realize that this is a struggle for us!

Some people like the idea of online school and online schoolwork, and that's alright, but most of us are unhappy with how much we have to do. It is mentally difficult to do schoolwork when not at school, especially because of distractions. Personally, I have struggled to do work at home because of that: loud pets, doors opening and closing, my sister calling her friends when she's not in her classes, etc. Teachers and study tips always say "have a place where you can focus without distractions." However, without the authority to tell everyone to quiet down so you can work in peace, there isn't much you can do about distractions except close the door. Schoolwork should not take us forever if we can't work in a quiet place when at home.

Obviously, online work is on a computer. It can take a while to do that already, but with logging in to Zoom/Google Meet on top of that, we can be forced to sit and stare at a computer screen for hours and hours! By the end of an at-home school day, my eyes sting and my head throbs. If the majority of schoolwork is to be online, there shouldn't be so much of it so we don't get physically hurt from having to stare at a screen.

Basically, I think there is too much schoolwork right now. I understand the importance of homework and class time, but when COVID-19 is looming over the entire world, I believe taking a quiz each week should not be our main concern. This isn't procrastination and poor time management, this is being thrown into a world of entirely different expectations than normal. There is no "getting used to it." We'll never be used to a global threat throwing everything off. Making sure students understand the material can be done without giving so much work.