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Cases? Masks? You told us! (Survey Results)

Hello Blazers! Are you ready to learn about the survey results?

Firstly, on behalf of GMC Newspaper we are all so thankful that you are putting in the time to participate in our surveys. Your input helps inspire the spread of knowledge and we all appreciate that! The Newspaper wanted to do two separate articles on the results of COVID questions and academic questions so make sure to take the survey if you have not already.

The first question that was asked on the survey was:

1. Have you or a loved one contracted COVID? (154 answers)

-11% or 17 people said yes.

-85.7% or 132 people said no.

-3.2% or 5 people said prefer not to say.

We hope you and/or your loved ones that are effected are happy and healthy.

2. Do you know someone that has contracted COVID?

-63% or 97 people said yes.

-35.1% or 54 people said no.

-1.9% said prefer not to say.

3. Are you worried about contracting COVID?

-19.5% or 30 people said yes.

-53.9% or 83 people said no.

-26.6% or 41 people said kind of.

4. Are you or a loved one at special risk of getting COVID?

-40.9% or 63 people said yes.

-53.9% or 83 people said no.

-5.2% or 8 people said prefer not to say.

5. In your opinion, is it important to wear a mask?

-51.9% or 80 people said yes.

-26.6% or 41 people said no.

-21.4% or 33 people said kind of.

6. How long did you quarantine in March? (stayed home)

Since this was open response, the majority of people stayed home 6 weeks- 3 months. There was a spectrum of never quarantined to still quarantining now. We hope you all have stayed safe and were able to make that time meaningful and productive.

Thank you for participating in the COVID survey! Your responses have given us some insight about how this virus has effected our school. Please keep participating and being curious! Way to go blazers.

I got the cover photo from here.