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COVID - 19 Vaccine Updates

COVID - 19 has become something that we are trying to coexist safely with. While we are taking steps to try and live with this new disease, effective treatment, and eventually a cure, is a top priority. According to The New York Times, there are currently 40 vaccines being tested in clinical trials on humans. Additionally, there are at least 92 preclinical vaccines being tested on animals. Scientists working on the vaccine hope to have a safe and effective vaccine by next year. However, this cannot be confirmed as they are still working to understand COVID - 19 as a disease.

To understand where the world, as a whole, is with vaccines, you have to understand the testing process. Preclinical testing is performed on animals such as mice and monkeys as a way to see if these vaccines even produce a response from the immune system. When the vaccines are approved in preclinical testing, they go on to clinical trials, which go through phases. Phase 1 is given to a small group of people, phase 2 is given to hundreds of people in different groups, and phase 3 is given to thousands of people. In phase 3, some subjects are given a placebo vaccine to see the true effectiveness of the real vaccine. After the trials, it goes onto early/limited approval, or true approval.

Updates about current vaccines that are being tested look hopeful, but there is no way to know for sure at this point. Two phase-3 vaccines by Sinopharm have been given emergency approval in the United Arab Emirates. How these perform there will give us a lot of information about the success of these vaccines. Also, vaccines by Covaxx and Germany’s University of Tübingen have been moved into phase 1 of testing as well as The University of Hong Kong.

Although these haven’t proven to be working cures, they can give us a sense of hope for the future. Eventually, things will be safer and back to normal. For the time being, wear your mask, social distance, and stay safe!

Check out the New York Times article here!