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Online School Rules!!

During a time like this, not a lot is ideal. For months, people have been sitting at home instead of going out to all of the places they used to go to. For the most part, everybody's working at home, whether it be school or a job. When it comes to school, there are two options I'm sure you're familiar with: hybrid and online. Hybrid students get a taste of both online and in-person school, so which is superior? This might come as a surprise to a few, but online school is leagues better than in-person right now.

Last school year, online school came abruptly into every student's lives, and although it took some getting used to, it ultimately made the fourth quarter a lot easier due to generous due dates and a light workload. The workload is back to normal this school year, but of course everything isn't back to normal. There is still a certain virus wreaking havoc all around the world, and many people are worried about contracting it. So where can students do their work worry-free - online of course! Every hybrid student can tell right away that things are not very socially distanced outside of the classrooms themselves, and there is always a chance it could spread around the school, so online school is definitely the safest route to take right now. Doing school online also makes it a lot easier to get work done. Since online students do not have to attend certain classes, they have more time to get homework done and work on projects. To jump back into school after a long break is tough, so more time to get work done is always appreciated! Probably the biggest plus about online school is the comfortability factor. Never before has anyone been able to attend their classes from their bed, and it is a beautiful thing. It's so nice to be able to relax, grab a snack, play some video games, etc. after class. It's so easy to decompress after a class, which helps if they day was especially stressful. The one downside of online school is that you can't hang out with your friends, but school has never been the best hangout spot so it's really not that big of a deal. Whether you're worried about COVID, homework, or being comfortable, online school has got your back!

Lets face it, being at school can be cold, uncomfortable, and just a little too blue. Right now during these crazy times, it's pretty great to be able to do school work right from the comfort of your room. When the virus eventually goes away, it'll be great to go back to a more normal school, but for now I think working online is the best. You just can't beat being able to do P.E. on the couch!