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How Are Students Liking School at this Time?

The 2020-2021 school year has definitely not gone as planned. I’m sure no one expected a global pandemic to take over our lives. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, the format for school is weirder than ever. We here at The Forge decided that we need to hear from our fellow students about how they feel after these big changes. That is why we sent out a survey on September 15th. Here are some of the findings from that survey!

First, we asked students if they felt safe going to school in the midst of a global pandemic. 59% said yes, 12.4% said no, and 28.6% said sometimes. The results show that yes is the majority vote, and sometimes is the next runner up. The option for 50/50 or virtual school ensures that people can choose what they feel most comfortable with, which is the most important thing right now.

The biggest change that has occurred is definitely the 50/50 schedule system. This year, people with A-K last names go Monday and Tuesday and L-Z last names go Wednesday and Thursday. There is also the option to be 100% online. When asked if they prefer the online or hybrid option, 80.1% prefer the hybrid option, while 19.9% chose the online option.

Another big change that was put in place is the mask requirement while on campus. While of course, masks work and they definitely help to lower infection rates, we asked students if they were okay with wearing a mask while at school. 77% said yes, while 23% said no. Although some people do not like masks, it is a very good thing to further protect high-risk people.

We also asked people what the best things about virtual/hybrid learning is. Some things that students said followed some similar ideas. One of the reasons was that they were glad to be able to see their friends and socialize, even just a little bit.

“Getting to see some of my friends for the first time in a while.”

“Just still being able to be social with the people around me”

“I get to see my friends 2/5 days rather than 0.”

The most popular reason, unsurprisingly, is that students love to sleep in more! I cannot deny that I don’t love that part as well. Here are some very well put together quotes from our students.


“Sleep in”

“I get to sleep a lot more”

Another very popular reason was that students can work at their own pace while independently learning at home. Students have also noticed that school is not as stressful during this time.

“honestly having more time because of the online which is ironic”

“I like the flexibility I have while at home.”

“being able to work from home is honestly just fun when I get a system”

Of course, everything has some downsides so here are some downsides that students have noticed along the way. One thing is that students have noticed that going to school every day kept them more accountable and on top of their work.

“keeping track of all assignments and when [they’re due]”

“Finishing my work, as communication has been a little harder.”

“Having to get used to managing all my online work and finding the motivation to do more work outside of the classroom”

Another thing that has challenged students is the lack of continuous communication with teachers. Communication is very important between teachers and students, and with online school, students have found it even harder to get clarification when they need it.

“Not being able to ask questions in person and not getting the in-person education that I could have if corona wasn't a thing.”

“The work is very hard to understand”

“It’s hard to ask questions because the teacher is talking to the online people and I feel uncomfortable interrupting.”

As you can see, there are many things that have caused students to struggle or even thrive in this weird time. Hopefully, things get better as the year goes on and we can return to normalcy safely. Students, remember to stay safe and social distance!