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News: Presidential Debate

Every election year, the presidential candidates participate in debates to explain their stances on certain topical events. The first debate was last Tuesday, September 29th. For the first debate, candidates Joe Biden and President Donald Trump discussed the issues of the Supreme Court, Covid-19, The Economy, Race, Law and Order, Voting, Climate Change, and the outcome of the Elections. The following is a short summary of the candidates' discussion on each topic.

*Many of these statements were made to make the other candidate look bad, thus, not all statements should be taken as fact.

The Supreme Court

President Trump claimed that it is his constitutional right to appoint a new Justice no matter how close the election is. President Trump declared that the healthcare he would replace ObamaCare with would be a much better option. Former Vice President Joe Biden stated that President Trump should not have the right to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg so close to the election, and he believes whoever is the next president should choose the new Justice, no matter which candidate wins. During this discussion, he also expressed his concern over President Trump's attempts to repeal Obamacare and stated that President Trump had no plan to replace Obamacare.


Joe Biden's first claim was that President Trump had no plan for the coronavirus and he still does not have a plan, even though he knew it would be dangerous in January. He believes that the government should be providing the money for the necessary equipment for frontline workers, funds to keep businesses open, and the funds to protect Americans. President Trump responded to this by saying that it is not his fault the virus is out of control, but it is China's fault. He also claimed that the Fake News is at fault for making him look bad and that he has handled the pandemic exceptionally well. He said that he would wear a mask when he thought it was necessary.


President Trump stated that the economy, states, schools, and the country need to be open. Biden explained that we need to close certain things because many people have died, and closing the country is necessary to slow the spread of the virus.


Joe Biden stressed the importance of The Constitution and equality in America, saying that the issue of systemic racism needs to be addressed. President Trump stated that systemic racism does not exist in America, and he also mentioned that this was not a situation for the right-wing to deal with.

Law and Order

President Trump fully supports funding the police and expressed his concern over people's animosity towards them as of recent events. Joe Biden agreed that the police should be funded rather than defunded, as he believes that funding them may help some of the issues of systemic racism.


Biden believes that voters should be allowed to choose how they wish to vote, especially during this election; if you want to vote by mail you should be allowed to do so, and if you want to vote in-person you should be allowed to do so. He also mentioned that voter fraud is not as common as President Trump is making it seem. President Trump claimed that voter fraud was very common and could ruin the election, and he recommended that voters should cast their ballots in-person.

Climate Change

President Trump said that many of the issues stemming from Climate Change could have been prevented if we had taken better care of our forests. Joe Biden stated that Climate Change is a real issue that we need to continue working on slowing the rate of global warming.

The Outcome of the Election

When each candidate was asked if they would accept the results of the election peacefully, Joe Biden agreed and promised to encourage his supporters to also accept the results peacefully. President Trump was apprehensive in answering this question, and he stated that it would be difficult for him to accept the results if they had been tampered with.

These topics were discussed in more detail during the debates, and you can find full videos of the discussions here. It has also been announced recently that the second presidential debate will be canceled, so be sure to tune-in to the final debate on October 22nd.

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