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A Cross-Stitch in Time

During this quarantine, I have found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands. I decided that I would take some time to learn how to cross-stitch. I will explain one way to cross-stitch that works for me. Following a pattern is something that every person needs to find out for themselves. You can start from the middle of the pattern or you can go from top to bottom or vice versa. 

The things that you will need to do this are embroidery floss, an embroidery hoop, ADA fabric, an embroidery needle, and scissors. 

Step 1

You will need to get your ADA fabric and cut it to the size you need. Then, you insert the embroidery hoop. You loosen the screw at the top and take the inner ring out. You then put the fabric between the outer ring and the inner ring and tighten the screw. You want the fabric to be kind of tight on the hoop, but not too tight. Before you begin to stitch, decide where you are starting on your pattern!

Step 2

Now you will thread your needle. You will need to cut your embroidery floss to the length relative to the number of stitches you will be making with that color. When you cut the floss, you need to pull one tiny thread out of the six/seven threads there. Then fold the thread in half and insert the loop into the needle. Then pull it through and push the end of the needle through the loop. This will anchor the thread and make sure that it does not come loose. 

Step 3

To make your first stitch, pick your starting place according to your pattern. Go from your starting point diagonal to the right. To make a full line of stitches, put the needle through the hole under your last one. After that, it goes diagonally and to the right again. 

Step 4

To complete this line of stitches, go to the hole above where you ended. From there you will go diagonally to the bottom left. As you go to complete your stitches of this color, you go to the hole above and go to the bottom left diagonal again. 

Step 5

To end with your choice of color, you simply snip the end of the string. The prior stitches will keep them in place. 

Hopefully, these instructions are clear enough to give you something to do over quarantine. Maybe trying to decipher what I am trying to say will take up all of the time you need. Stay safe and stay six feet apart.

Cover photo pattern here.