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A Farewell to Mr. Crawford

As many students have heard, our principal Mr. Crawford will be retiring on March 8th. He has done so much for GMC to make it a better school and a better place for students to learn thrive. Before he retires, let's celebrate everything he has done for us one more time!

One thing Mr. Crawford will be most known for is how much time he put into GMC's growth. He put an immense amount of work into getting the gym plans in action, and he definitely followed through. GMC now has the gym it has dreamed of since it got its first building back in 2016. Heather Timanus, GMC's Director of Development, says, "When Mr. Crawford (Mr. C) pulled into the GMC parking lot for the first time, he saw a great new academic building with a parking lot surrounded by high grass and weeds. He immediately went to work making sure the façade of the school matched the great things going on inside the classrooms. Over the next couple of years, he worked diligently to make our activity center a reality. Looking at the school today, it is truly amazing to see what Mr. Crawford’s leadership has been accomplished in such a short time. GMC is very lucky to have had Mr. C."

Mr. Crawford didn't care only for the building itself, though. He loved the entirety of GMC and made sure it was a great place to learn and work in. He opened so many opportunities for GMC to grow and become a better school. Teachers and students especially appreciated his encouragement and dedication to GMC. Mrs. Bailey says, "I always felt supported and encouraged by Mr. Crawford. Knowing that he always had my back was such a blessing as Athletic Director, teacher, and advisor. I am so lucky to have had him in my corner, fighting for and with me, on numerous occasions. Though I am sad to see him go, I am so glad he will have the very much deserved time with his family and doing the things he loves. Once a Blazer, Always a Blazer. I know he'll continue to be a part of our family!" Student Belle Lewis also talks about Mr. Crawford's kindness and encouragement. "Mr. Crawford was a man of few words, forward movement, and many smiles!" she says. "I am sending prayers for his family's safety and recovery!"

Another thing students loved about Mr. Crawford was the time he spent getting to know them, especially when he greeted them at the door in the mornings. An anonymous student says, "I always thought it was nice how he stood by the door on Fridays to welcome the students in for the day." Student Suzannah Smith also remembers Mr. Crawford greeting students in the morning. "I am going to miss seeing Mr. Crawford at the door every morning. He always had something encouraging to say that would brighten your day," she says. Student Lily Smith says, "He would always open the door for me and say good morning! It made each school day start with positivity!" Another anonymous student says, "He always went out of his way to greet students every morning and tried to learn about each and every one of us throughout his time at GMC." Student Delia Parker shares her fun memories of Mr. Crawford as well. "I am going to miss all the spirit week selfies that Mr. Crawford and I take every year!" she says. Mr. Crawford definitely made sure to make students feel welcome and happy in GMC, and students will never forget that.

Mr. Crawford will be remembered as an amazing principal, and to many people in GMC, an amazing friend as well. Thank you for everything Mr. Crawford, and we hope you enjoy your retirement!