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Album Review - Twilight by Bôa

Bôa released the album Twilight on March 21st, 2001. At this time the band members were Alex Caird, Ben Henderson, Jasmine Rodgers, Steve Rodgers, Lee Sullivan, and Paul Turrell. This album has themes of love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and understanding. I absolutely love the overall sound this band creates and the lead singer Jasmine Rodger’s voice and passion are incredibly unique and beautiful. Below is the tracklist of their album and I will be going over my interpretations and thoughts on some of the songs!

Tracklist -








One Day


For Jasmine

Anna Maria

Duvet [Acoustic]

Little Miss


The album opens with the song Duvet, popularly known as the opening to Serial Experiments Lain. (Something I have not watched but want to!) This song is about heartbreak and betrayal as the subject in the song sings “I am falling, I am fading/I have lost it all” The song itself is very bittersweet and nostalgic with the use of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, a bit of violin, and some other cool little sounds and background vocals. It is one of my favorite songs on the album and even though it’s a sad song it in a weird way makes me calm.

The second song is Twilight and it is another song about the troubles of love. This song follows a girl who is in love with a man, and while they are together, the man only truly loves someone else. The girl knows that he does not love her but she stays with him to avoid the feeling of loneliness, and the man does the same as he uses the subject of the song to replace the one he loves and fill the hole that's there. My favorite lyrics of the song are “If I could be her.../But I'm not her and she's not me”. There is once again electric guitar, drums, and strings instruments used but vocally Jasmine Rodgers sings classically and pretty and then purposefully strains her voice and uses these high notes that symbolize this desperation in the song. Very cool, very swag and I think it is an excellent second track!

The third song is Fool and it is my favorite song on the album. Jasmine Rodgers sings about the struggle of being born in London as an Asian woman. She sings about having to choose between loving Japan and the Japanese culture of her family or the land she is on now in London asking “Which way should I turn?/Cos I seem to fall towards burning”. The lyrics “I was born and raised/As an eastern girl in a western world/I was told to choose/To choose to be what I chose to be/Speaking impartially/There doesn't seem to be a place for me/But when I look inside I find/A place to run to hide" are the best encapsulation of the song and shows the emotion and struggle Jasmine has felt, gone through, and continues to go through. If you were to listen to any song on this album I would highly recommend this one. It is both musically and lyrically a masterpiece.

The sixth song, Scoring, is about a man who seemingly vocally and physically harassed and hurt the woman he's in a relationship with. Within the song, however, Jasmine goes back and forth saying ‘her’ and ‘I’ which either means this song is about her or from her own experiences. Nonetheless, I do love this song mainly because of its ending lyrics “I will never be beaten by your brutality/I will never be shaken by your stupidity”. I personally think this song must have been a sort of healing piece for Jasmine and a look into how she has gotten stronger and overcome the struggles from the song.

The eleventh song, For Jasmine, is almost like a song for her younger self, as its title implies. The lyrics “Wandering through the garden of life/Picking up flowers and eating them/And the world will smile when you smile/And we all have smiles inside of us” are some of my favorite. This song is both jazzy at times and then very intense, but it is overall a very sweet song and one of Bôa’s more light-hearted songs.

This album is incredible, and I hope after this you will give it a listen and love it as well!