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Alvvays: Music From Another World

Dreaming, and more specifically daydreaming, is really fun - that's just a fact! Daydreams allow you to be free and do whatever you want to do and be whoever you want to be. They give you an opportunity to open the doors of your imagination and take whatever is in there for a spin. The only downside to dreams is that they cannot be pulled out into reality, right? Well, what if I told you that there are a group of people who can take daydreams and translate them into reality? No, they aren't superheroes or anything like that, they're just a few musicians in a band called Alvvays.

Although the band officially got together in 2011, they first made themselves known to the world with the release of their debut album, titled simply Alvvays. The album opens with "Adult Diversion", which is the perfect introduction to what Alvvays is all about. This song showcases so much of what makes Alvvays so great, such as the dream-like guitar melodies, thumping drums, and Molly Rankin's graceful and weightless vocals. Everything the band does works in harmony to transport the listener to a dream world. Every song makes the listener feel like they're floating above the clouds, soaring on a guitar being propelled by rhythm. Their songs can make you feel like you're living in a dream - it makes for the perfect soundtrack if you've been cooped up in the real world for too long.

So with all of this talk, you'd think that the band hit their peak with the first album, right? Well...

Alvvays is a great first album, but it does have its faults. A good chunk of the songs sound pretty similar, which is not necessarily a bad thing because they all sound great, but variety is the spice of life. Alvvays' most recent album, 2017's Antisocialites, fixes that problem and does a whole lot more on top of it. This album goes all-out, no holds barred. While the range of different styles and moods on Alvvays does not vary a whole lot, Antisocialites is all over the place - in the best way possible. On one end of the spectrum, there are hard-hitting, head-banging songs like "Your Type", "Lollipop (Ode To Jim)", and "Saved By A Waif". On the other end, there are more subdued and calm tunes, such as "Dreams Tonite", "Already Gone", and "Forget About Life". All of the different sounding songs on this album are just impressive, and no song feels out of place. Antisocialites is definitely a one of a kind album. The variety and musicianship make this album stand out from other albums like it. The best way to describe Antisocialites would be to say that all of the songs were pulled out of some distant dream world full of all sorts of wonders.

Alvvays is simply a band above the rest. Even though Antisocialites has more to show than Alvvays, it still isn't anything to scoff at. Not one of their songs sticks out as a "bad" song, which is a sign of extreme skill and passion. It is easy to tell that both albums were made with so much love and care. I recommend you go listen to them and really see what they're all about. Just be prepared to take a trip to another world!

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Archie, Marry Me

Adult Diversion

Dreams Tonite

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