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SPORTS: Ansley Mason's Racing

The cheetah, the peregrine falcon, some other kind of speedy animal, all of them sit as fine examples of an innate truth to all life: it is incredibly cool to move incredibly fast. How poor, the humans, that our pitiful bipedal frames can barely carry the absolute best of us to twenty-eight miles per hour. However, in exchange for great physical ability, we were gifted our outstanding minds. From such minds was invented the automobile, humankind's answer to our instinctual calling to "zoom," as it were. From novelty to utility, cars became a staple of day-to-day life around the world and, as with many tools, were made right back into novelty.

If you live here in the United States and haven't heard of any sort of car racing event, you may just be blind, deaf, not paying enough attention, or all three. While NASCAR is, of course, the most well known of any racing here in the United States, it's hardly anything for the people. It is plenty of fun, but what with $200,000 cars, multi-million dollar sponsors, 800 left turns (or one big left turn?), it's hardly something we, the common folk, can relate to personally. Luckily, professional events aren't all our great nation could offer. One could find all kinds of amateur racing events across the country, anything from airstrip drag races, illicit street racing, Formula 1 races (though perhaps those are even less accessible than NASCAR), and even kart races.

Perhaps when you hear that you think of Mario Kart, or maybe an attraction at an amusement park you've been to. The kart racing I speak of is similar, but much more exciting. Compact machines race around a circuit, indoor or outdoor depending, going fast in the best kind of way: without a windshield between them and the air friction. We just so happen to have one of these speed demons about our school; The Forge's very own Ansley Mason!

Ansley's been doing all kinds of racing since she was only six years old, and just this past [week or maybe two] she won not one, not three, more than zero, that's right, TWO kart races! Our absolute speed demon of an editor couldn't take less than the gold even if she tried, first demolishing nine competitors in a clone lite class race, and proceeding to hang twelve more opponents out to dry in a clone medium race that same day. What a champ!

Ansley (right, foreground) striking a victorious pose with her crew and kart

Each of the races paid out $200 cash, netting Ansley a cool $400, but more importantly, she was awarded two stylish stickers to help flaunt her victory.