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Christmas Break with The Forge

It's the second week back from Christmas break, and to be honest, we probably already wish for another week off. We hope you had a relaxing time, though! What exactly did GMC's newspaper staff do over Christmas break? Read here to find out what everyone did!

The Forge's Editor-in-Chief, Morgan Kelly, used her free time to "mostly work on Senior Project." She was also able to watch some TV shows and finish a game she had been playing for a while.

Riley Grubbs, one of The Forge's co-managing editors, had fun playing and completing video games with her sister and sleeping in.

Features editor Aidan Burke made sure to keep everyone safe during the holidays. He says, "I stayed home, and when I did go out I adhered strictly to social distancing guidelines. I forewent visiting family to minimize risk as well."

News editor Lily Smith kept it simple by chilling out and making crafts.

Kassidy Eubanks, the Opinions editor for The Forge, had the ability to hang out with one of her friends, which she really enjoyed.

Sports editor Ansley Mason went skiing and moved houses.

Jackson Bass, The Forge's Blazefeed editor, says he "hung out with the family and ate lots of cookies!"

Elijah Craft, a reporter for The Forge, says, "I worked on training my dog to be a good dog. She's not very good at it though. She weighs like six pounds and never sleeps."

I spent most of Christmas break playing Super Mario 3D All Stars, which I got for Christmas. I couldn't go out much because three out of five people in my family caught the virus, but I still enjoyed being able to sleep in and relax.

Everyone at The Forge hopes you had a great break!