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Clemson V.S Carolina?

Many football fans out there have heard that this year due to the coronavirus Clemson and Carolina will not be playing against one another. Clemson and Carolina have been playing each other since their first game in 1896. Both teams have always been rivals in the state of South Carolina. In 1902 fans from both sides had their first big brawl. The Carolina fans brought in a poster of a gamecock steering a tiger by the tail. Fights broke out all through the week. In 2004 after an incomplete pass on Carolina's side Clemson players continued to lay on the player and the whole field broke out into a fight. Now Clemson holds the longest winning streak against Carolina at 6-years. Many fans were looking forward to this game. When Clemson and Carolina play there are parties and tailgates held for the rival fans, but now, due to covid, we are not able to have these. The year 2020 is the year to break up the Clemson and Carolina game.

Clemson's 1896 team Carolina's 1896 team