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COVID-19 Updates

As time goes on COVID-19 becomes a bigger and bigger problem for the U.S. But at the same time, we are making more and more progress to end this pandemic. Although the virus is growing faster than we can, any bit of progress is a step in the right direction.

Recently things have not been looking good. Experts say that we may be entering the worst phase of this pandemic. There have been 100,000 new cases for the fifth day straight here in the U.S. Recently the U.S. has passed 10 million coronavirus cases, as well as 237,000 deaths in the U.S. alone since February. 

Some good news in these dark times is that Pfizer announced that their vaccine candidate has shown to be more than 90% effective. This means that around mid-December it may be approved for emergency use. It is great that we have been able to develop vaccines at the speed that we have. It really shows how we have made so much progress in the medical field. 

Some coronavirus news relating to the recent election. At this moment in time, Joe Biden is the president-elect. This could change with the recount, but that is unlikely. Joe Biden has already announced a new COVID task force. But, since Congress is pretty divided at the moment that could make his plans harder to execute. This news also comes with the news of another wave of COVID cases in the White House. 

Although times are uncertain and scary, progress is being made to get to a better place. We do have to take steps together though. Please be sure to wear a mask when you go out and always social-distance. No matter how you feel about it, stay safe!

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