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GMC 2020 Midterm Exam Schedule

The 2020 midterms are coming up soon. Exam week will be the week of Dec 14 - Dec 17. Here's the exam schedule this year:


8:00 am - 2A exam

10:00 am - Lunch/Break

10:30 am - 3A exam

12:30 pm - dismissal


8:00 am - 2B exam

10:00 am - Lunch/Break

10:30 am - 3B exam

12:30 pm - dismissal


8:00 am - 1A exam

10:00 am - Lunch/Break

10:30 am - 4A exam

12:30 pm - dismissal


8:00 am - 1B exam

10:00 am - Lunch/Break

10:30 am - 4B exam

12:30 pm - dismissal


Make-up day

As I'm sure teachers have told you, you can not skip an exam day and make it up Friday without a legitimate reason. A doctor's note or other form of reasoning must be shown as proof for needing to miss an exam period or day.

Also, if your teachers have not yet told you what the exam is, check with them to know if you need to come to school during an exam period. For example, if your teacher is giving an online exam, then you do not need to be at school during that exam time; you only need to ensure you complete the online exam within the time range given.

Good luck on your midterms!