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GMC's New Drama Class

With the creation of the new gym building, GMC has had the opportunity to introduce a variety of new, exciting classes to the school. One of these new classes featured a long-awaited subject: drama. As GMC has had no formal drama classes up to this point, the introduction of the drama class is exciting to many students at GMC.

The new drama class, taught by Ms. Paige, teaches students about the fundamentals and basic techniques of camera and stage work. Drama 1 also teaches students the history of entertainment and how it has evolved and progressed throughout the years and how it continues to do so daily. This class informs students of how the Performing Arts have been a form of expression throughout history and how it often reflects society as a whole.

Ms. Paige's end goal for the school year would normally be to have the students perform a showcase/production for their families and friends, but COVID has made it difficult to determine if that would be a possibility, so instead, the students will perform a live radio show style performance, in which they will create their own sound effects, props, costumes, and set based on a specific theme. The performance will be recorded so students can have a visual record of their progress and achievements. The goal of this project is to give students a feeling of what it is like to work as part of an ensemble and create something unique.

The biggest struggle for both Ms. Paige and the students so far has been virtual teaching. The Performance Arts rely heavily on learning to work and play together, but virtual learning has prevented students from all being together in-person for class. However, Ms. Paige says the students have shown resilience through the difficulties of virtual learning and have proven to be both openminded and adaptable.

Ms. Paige was inspired to teach drama when she noticed a trend within arts education. Students were often taught to conform to a cookie-cutter type form of acting, being taught to respond, act, look, and sound the same way. Ms. Paige believes our differences are what make us unique, and offering new perspectives to the world helps improve society. Ms. Paige wants to reflect these beliefs and ideals as a teacher, and help students to grow artistically and creatively.

What have the students liked so far about this class? Abigail Mills, a junior at GMC, says, "My favorite thing has probably been getting to play games with my class. With the hybrid schedule, there weren't many people in our section of the class so it was really awesome to get to know the people who I was with and getting to play games with them and Ms. Paige!"

The drama class at GMC offers a fun and educational way to expand on your talents and develop an understanding of and an appreciation for theatre.