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Happy Birthday, GMC The Forge!

GMC The Forge News was created in the school year of 2017-2018, and this year, we are celebrating The Forge's fourth birthday. The Forge has earned a special meaning in many people's hearts, especially its reporters. I was lucky enough to speak with Jesse Breazeale, the first Editor-in-Chief of The Forge, as well as some other reporters on what The Forge means to them.

Before we addressed emotions, Jesse recalled what it was like to be there when the newspaper was first started and his overall experience in the school newspaper. Jesse explained the atmosphere in the room when The Forge was first started: "Our first meeting during class there were roughly a dozen or so of us. We were all eager yet unsure of where to start, and we spent the first month or so doing a crash course on journalism...We all felt a little nervous starting off because obviously we were new, but once we fell into the groove of things I felt our confidence really grow." Jesse also touched on what he felt he had accomplished through his time at The Forge, saying "Within the classroom, I felt that we set a really good foundation for the future of The Forge...I'm happy to see it still chugging along after all these years." I think I can say on behalf of the rest of The Forge's reporters, the first year's students made it possible for us to grow into what we have now, and we are still growing. Jesse closed the discussion with some profound words about the nature of The Forge, as well as the nature of journalism itself: "To me, The Forge is an opportunity for students to get directly involved with GMC. They learn to establish relationships with faculty and students outside of their immediate circles. Ultimately, not everyone is going to go choose this to be their career but they will gain life skills through the journalistic process. Truth, compassion, listening, and networking all apply outside of journalism just as much as they do within it." We are all very thankful to Jesse and the rest of the original newspaper crew for setting-up a foundation that lets us continue our work today.

Some current staff also shared what The Forge means to them:

"The forge is my school family. I started as a freshman when The Forge had its first year. I was the only freshman in the class so I was a little worried, but as the year went on not only did I gain great friends it helped me become more prepared for GMC. I don’t know what my high school years would have looked like without the Forge newspaper!" - Ansley Mason

"The Forge helped me get out of my shell and actually make new friends" - Riley Grubbs

"The Forge has created a community of people wanting to learn and inform others but also a home where all opinions, viewpoints, and people are valued." - Lily Smith

"The Forge is a place where you can find out about your school and what is going on. It is a place where you can send in your questions and get an answer. It is a fun environment where you feel comfortable." - Ansa Thomas

"This is my first year being part of the Forge, but I am really enjoying it! It has given me the opportunity to expand on my interests in an environment with people who are always willing to help out. Even though there are deadlines it is super stress-free for me. Overall I would say Newspaper has been an amazing experience and I have really enjoyed it!" - Kassidy Eubanks

"The forge allows me to do some good ol’ creative writing, which isn’t that common in other writing classes. Also it’s just a chill class." - Jackson Bass

"The Forge is a place where I have had the amazing opportunity to get an idea of what a career in journalism might be like. As one of the managing editors this year, I feel like I have been able to grow as a leader a little more. The Forge is kind of like a little family to me -- we all have each other's backs and everyone is so open to the ideas of others." - Gracie Wilkerson

"I love watching The Forge grow every year. It's shocking to see how much it has grown in just four, short years, and I cannot wait to see where the next few years will take us." - Mr. Lowman

For the past three years I have been in Newspaper, many things have changed. New editors, new reporters, and even new positions came through every year, but one thing has remained the same. People come together from different backgrounds with one common goal, which is to tell stories. This year, we are lucky to have an incredibly talented group of reporters, and I cannot wait to see how they will continue to grow The Forge in years to come.

While The Forge is a home-away-from-home for its reporters, we hope it can also be a place of comfort, information, and entertainment for the GMC student body. Thank you to everyone who continues to read our articles; we would not be here without you. As the year goes on, we hope to get more involved in the student community. We'd love to see your articles and thoughts on what's going on in GMC or in the world! We hope to see The Forge become a regular part of student life. So whether you come here because your friend is a reporter, you were featured in an article, or you just like reading what we have to offer, we hope you'll continue to help us grow, and we hope we can help you grow as well.