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New Classes for 2021-2022 School-year

At Greer Middle College, there are numerous options for what elective classes you can take. Having this many options lets students practice what they are good at or enjoy doing. Next year Greer Middle College is adding a few new elective classes including Professional Leadership Development, Yoga, Youth in Government, Young Adult Literature, and Contemporary Literature.

During Professional Leadership Development, you will develop an array of specialized training that improves your skillset, knowledge, competency, and overall effectiveness in a professional world. Also, these skills will be developed through participating in social activities.

During Yoga, you learn the basic postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation strategies of yoga. Stretching and breathing easily will relieve built-up stress and help you get the most out of their day-to-day life.

During Youth in Government, students will pick an area of interest and play the role of a government position. Students may prepare legislation, debate bills, write court briefs, or loads of other things, as they prepare for their area of interest.

During Young Adult Literature, students have an opportunity to strengthen their comprehension and literary analysis skills. Students will study character development, theme, symbolism, conflict, irony, setting, and point of view; young adult novels will increase the students' ability to understand the author's perspective.

During Contemporary Literature, students will analyze various pieces of literature that cover multiple genres, including novels, short stories, essays, poetry, and drama. We will use these pieces of literature for discussions, presentations, group projects, and essays.

These elective classes have different opportunities that may help you relax or do what you enjoy. Using these classes students will develop a brighter future, so will you take one of these classes next year?