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OPINION: Christmas Music

Christmas music is the easiest way to feel and spread some holiday cheer for those who celebrate, but what's with every radio station and store playing Christmas music in November or even October? In my opinion, I think mainstream radio stations should wait until after November to play Christmas music.

November is still peak fall time, with the leaves turning and gourds still out on porches. What November is not is a Christmas wonderland. We have to take time to celebrate each season in its entirety before we start moving to the next. Enjoy the fall! Trust me, winter is gonna feel like forever soon so just have patience and don't tire the holiday out. Speaking of tiring, the even bigger fact is that those who do not celebrate Christmas also get a prolonged holiday with barely any place to escape when we play Christmas music in November. In America, the public already gets an entire month to celebrate Christmas, so the radio stations can wait until December 1st to start putting Maria Carey back on the charts.

By waiting until after November to play Christmas music we are not only enjoying Fall to the fullest but also being respectful and not beating a dead horse the time Christmas does truly come around. Now be patient a little while longer and do me a favor by playing Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney when December 1st does come around!