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OPINION: Consequences of COVID-19

On October 28, Mr. Dillard sent out an email about reporting positive COVID-19 cases. The email states that if students do not report testing positive, they “will be moved to online-only by administration for an undetermined amount of time and could possibly be removed from the school altogether.” This means students can be forced online or expelled.

This seems like a drastic measure of precaution, but it’s actually necessary to keep the school safe and to keep the students who want to be in-person at school. The email also says that the administration can’t report the case to DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control) if a student doesn’t report it to them, which means DHEC will assume GMC is non-compliant and can force us online. This would be devastating to students who don’t learn as well online as compared to in-person.

I think these precautions are absolutely necessary. Students who took a COVID-19 test and don’t stay home as they wait for the result, students who got a positive test, and students who were exposed and are still coming to school knowing they were exposed should all be forced online until it is safe for them to come back. It seems harsh, but those students are selfish for putting others at risk so they can continue being in-person or because they simply don’t believe the virus is as important as it’s made out to be. It is putting students at risk and making going online a major possibility.

Some may argue that people are the same way with the flu -- meaning they still go to school and aren’t as aware of sanitization as we are now -- but even that is wrong. People who are sick or have the flu shouldn’t be coming to school, and it’s the same for COVID-19. Just because a person doesn’t “feel sick” doesn’t mean that they aren’t sick and could possibly be putting many others at risk. Why do you think so many people are out of school during flu season? COVID-19 does not have a surefire way to prevent it right now, so we have to stay as safe as possible.

The bottom line is that if you are waiting for test results to come back, know that your test is positive, or know that you were exposed, you should report it to admin and stay home. Don’t be selfish and help your classmates stay in school.