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OPINION: Dresses are for Everyone

Recently in the media, more men have been wearing dresses, one man in particular being Harry

Styles. Harry Styles wore a tailored dress on the cover of Vogue magazine and it made many

people ask, is it ok for a man to wear a dress?

In my opinion, anyone can and should wear whatever they want, dresses included. Though

dresses are perceived as more feminine, throughout history, many men have worn what we would

consider dresses: from togas to kilts, night gowns and even young boys clothing in

general. Many men have worn dresses throughout history and today and it does not make them

any less of a man, they are just a person wearing fabric going about their day. Anyone can

wear a dress and heck, I even encourage it. It’s a fun time and an easy way to switch up your

wardrobe! So if you or anyone you know wears a dress, no matter what their gender, they can

wear that dress and probably look really cool wearing it too.

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