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Opinion: Fantasy Football?

We've all heard it before - the statement that makes us laugh and feel a little awkward - "Oh, you don't have a football team?" Then you respond with, "No, but we have a fishing team!" That being said, is a football team in GMC's future?

While I am not one to say whether there will or will not be a football team, I would like to say it is not outside the realm of possibilities. Even if we were to eventually create a football team, I doubt it would be in the near future. We waited many years for a gym, but eventually, the wait paid off. Now we have a place for our athletes to call home.

With the possibility of a football team considered, we must ask ourselves; do we even need a football team? Personally, my answer to this question is no. However, I'm sure many people at GMC think the opposite. I do not think a football team is a necessity, but I do think it would be a great addition to our already-fantastic school spirit. Without a football team, events like homecoming are ultimately missed. Students may complain about this, but we still have events unique to our school, such as Party on the Patio, which can be just as exciting as a homecoming event. Of course, a football team would give GMC student-athletes a chance to try a new sport or the option to continue playing the sport in college.

Even though these are all benefits students would love to have, a football team is not what defines a high school. Our students define our school. So even if we don't have a football team, our school spirit will still surpass the school spirit of any of our rival schools, and we will continue to scream "Go Blazers!" in the stands of whatever GMC game we attend.