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Opinion: Ghosts Are Real

Since it is October and officially Halloween season, a common question heard is "are ghosts real?" When someone thinks of ghosts, there are many versions that come to mind. But whether you think of a full-body apparition or a Charlie Brown special bedsheet, you still get the general understanding of how a ghost comes to be. A soul of someone who has passed still attached to the realm of the living. In my personal opinion, I think ghosts are real, but my opinion is based on how I believe a ghost appears and lingers alongside the living. It is said most ghosts may still hold on to the land of the living because of a personal grudge, unresolved issues, someone disturbing the peace of their resting site or even forgetting to clean the dishes the night before they passed. No matter the cause, a ghost will appear because of an emotional tie. When someone expresses emotions so strongly, a person is able to pick up on them and understand there is a particular thing being felt. It is in my opinion that ghosts, as we perceive them, are not literal souls wandering about, but lingering negative energy so strong it remains after death. When walking into a place where someone has been murdered, died with a grudge, or when someone passes with so much anger in their heart, you can feel and sense that negative energy. That energy may vary when it comes to someone's personal empathetic capacity, but no matter what it is always there. It can be compared to when walking into a religious landmark, shrine, or house of worship when you feel all the positive energy around you. Now to explain things moving around the house or seeing apparitions, those activities would be connected to ghosts with stronger energies. All in all, ghosts do exist and their energy carries on, just not in the common way you may think. However, if you do have any doubts, October is the best time to find the truth for yourself!