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Opinion: Required to Wear in Banks?

In a bank, you have to be able to be identified. You show ID, take hats off, and sunglasses off so that they can make sure it's you. Before Covid, if you wore a mask in a bank, the people working assumed you were robbing them. So the question is: should you be allowed to wear a mask in a bank?

The bank is a very important place for everyone, and it is a targeted place for a robbery. In my opinion, wearing a mask in a bank is a bad idea. Yes, Covid is bad and we don't need to spread it around, but it isn't good to cover up your identity when stepping into a bank. Some may ask "but what if I don't want to go in without my mask"? Isn't that what the drive threw is for? I have walked in stores and other places and seen people wearing a hoodie with their mask or their sunglasses with a mask. You can't identify these people!

In this picture, the people are wearing your regular covid mask with hoodies and hats. They may not have anything covering their eyes, but the problem is you still can't identify who they are. Therefore, I believe people should not be allowed to enter a bank with any sort of face covering.