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OPINION: Pirate Shirts

Here you are sitting in front of the TV watching a pirate on screen and your eyes land on their fashionable clothing. There, right in front of you, is a beautiful, puffy shirt with a lovely frilly collar and big flowy arms that come together at the wrist. You my friend have seen a pirate shirt, and they should not only come back in fashion but also be an important piece of your wardrobe.

Everyone loves a good pirate, swashbuckling, sailing on the open seas, with a sword on their waist and a glamorous shirt on their chest. Though today we no longer have pirates of the same flair but you, yes you, can honor the pirate legacy with your very own pirate shirt.

As a lovely reference and further proof that you too should wear a pirate shirt, I have provided my personal favorite fashionable fellas in the look.

First, we have Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane

We all know Johnny Depp rocks a pirate shirt in Pirates of the Caribbean (of course), but may I present to you the Ichabod Crane fit. Open shirt, those puffy sleeves, and a chunky ring as an accessory, he may be worrying but got dang he's stunting!

Next is Wesley from the Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is a childhood classic and Wesley is bringing you a spin on the pirate shirt by wearing an all-black style. The mask, the gloves, the sword -- he knows how to accessorize! I also love the more pronounced V collar with a tie holding it together, very nice.

Here we have Orlando Bloom in the Pirate of the Caribbean series

Here we go, oh man, the Will Turner look! The shirt is very loose in the perfect pirate way and he even has a vest and belt to hold his sword. He is looking fresh and ready to pirate, don't you want that look too?

And lastly, and most importantly is Jerry Seinfield in THE Puffy Shirt

HEYOOOOOOOOOOO what can I say other than this is Jerry Seinfield in a puffy pirate shirt.

So after looking at all of our prime (and my personal favorite) examples, I come to you with a simple request, please wear a pirate shirt. No matter who you are you can rock it baby and clearly, we need to bring it back. Spice up your life and get that puffy shirt!