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Poll Work For Students

With the election coming up and many students being under the voting age of 18, you may be wondering “what can I do?”. Well, in South Carolina if you are the age of 16 to 17 you can apply to be a Poll Manager Assistant!

If you apply to be an assistant for election day “poll manager's assistants are paid: $60 for attending training + $15 for COVID-19 training + $75 for working on election day + $15 for additional COVID-19 related duties on election day = $165 Total”. ( If you attend the in-person or online training you can help with this election and get paid! You also fill the spots that many elderly citizens take during the election. It is important to keep our elderly citizens safe and keep them at home or at the very least help and assist those still working the polls. Even though those under the age of 18 can not vote in this important election, we can still be involved!

Check out for more information on working as a Poll Manager Assistant and how to apply!