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Senior Project Spotlight: Haley Summey

As every student at GMC knows, Senior Project is a significant part of the seniors' final year here at GMC. By highlighting different students' Senior Projects, hopefully underclassmen will gain a better idea of Senior Project as a whole, and we can also demonstrate the seniors' hard work on their final product. This week, Haley Summey will be discussing her Senior Project.

Mixing and Mastering Music

Summey's final product will be a music album which will consist of six cover songs and one original song. For her learning stretch, she will edit the music for the final product by herself, and the album will be uploaded to Apple Music. Summey says she has always loved singing and has always hoped to one day create her own album. When asked why she liked her project, she responded, "It is something I love. It is dedicated to my passion." She says the most difficult part of Senior Project so far has been stress, and her favorite part has been making her own original song.

We wish Haley Summey the best as she continues to create her album. Watch out for her album on Apple Music!

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