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Senior Project Spotlight: Raquel Fowler

As every student at GMC knows, Senior Project is a significant part of the seniors' final year here at GMC. By highlighting different students' Senior Projects, hopefully underclassmen will gain a better idea of Senior Project as a whole, and we can also demonstrate the seniors' hard work on their final product. This week, Haley Summey will be discussing her Senior Project.

The Branch of Cosmetology

Raquel Fowler's project involves working with everything cosmetology: hair, nails, makeup, and more. Fowler is an esthetics student at the J. Harley Bonds Career Center, so this project coincides well with her classes at the Career Center. To get more hands-on experience, Fowler learns how to style hair, nails, makeup, and other things related to cosmetology at a salon twice a week. When asked why she chose this project, Fowler explained her future goals. "I am passionate about the beauty industry and would eventually want to get my Cosmetology license." Fowler also mentioned that she enjoys learning about cosmetology and that she also loves "being around the the girls at the salon." Fowler explained that the most prevalent issue she has experienced so far has been finding a way to get experience outside of the salon. She and her mentor eventually decided that Fowler would use mannequins to practice on at home. Fowler says her favorite part about her senior project is seeing her finished products and being able to watch her growth.

We wish Raquel Fowler the best of luck moving forward with her senior project!

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