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Spaceships and Deception

The game Among Us has become the latest trend in gaming in the past few weeks. The game came out in 2018 but recently blew up in attention and success. I can only imagine that quarantine is one of the reasons that this game became so popular now.

The game is pretty simple. You play as a very minimally designed astronaut, represented by the color of your choice. You can even choose a funny hat to wear as you complete your missions. There has to be at least four players and there can be up to 10. You start in the same place, but after that, you can roam anywhere you want on the map. The maps are futuristic, all of them having a spaceship of sorts that has crashed. The goal is to fix the ship and with that comes the victory screen. But there is a catch.

One of the players gets the role of the impostor and the others are crewmates. Crewmates go around the map completing tasks, so they can resume their space journey, while the impostor’s goal is to kill all of the crewmates on board with them. As crewmates make their way around the ship to complete their tasks, they may stumble onto the impostor’s aftermath.

 If you come across a body, you can report it. Reporting a body takes everyone into a meeting where you can discuss who you think did it. There is a chatbox that you can type in, but the most fun way to play is to be in some sort of call with all of the people playing. In the meetings, everyone discusses who they think is “sus,” or suspicious. At the end of the meeting, there is a period of time that you can vote for whoever you think is the impostor. The person with the most votes gets ejected from the ship, although there is a skip option that you can vote for if you are not sure. 

As the numbers go down, it is harder for the impostor to stay hidden. With more people, they have more people that can vouch for them. More people can see them and provide alibis to keep the impostor from being voted off. Of course, they don’t know that they’re helping the impostor. It’s all a mind game that the impostor has to play. At the end of the game if the impostor kills all of the crewmates, then they win. If the crewmates vote the impostor out or finish all of their tasks, then they win.

This game takes a lot of strategies and you have to know how to deceive people and be believable. You have to deflect blame and have strong alibis. I usually lose as the impostor because I am not good at strategy and I am a terrible liar. But, you should get the game and see for yourself, it’s free on mobile devices! So you have no excuse not to try this game out for yourself.

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