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Ms. Mignault: GMC's New Spanish Teacher

2020 brought about many changes to GMC. From the introduction of new classes to the way the school itself operates, we saw a number of changes take place. Within the past year, GMC found itself in need of a Spanish teacher, and that need was met by Ms. Mignault.

From a young age, Ms. Mignault had always been passionate about helping people. This passion, along with her love for language she discovered at 12 years old, led her down the path to becoming a teacher. Ms. Mignault was also inspired to become a teacher through the example of a few of her high school teachers and going the extra mile to meet the individual needs of each of their students, a characteristic that she strives to reflect on every day throughout her own teaching career.

When she was 8, Ms. Mignault discovered that she had a large brain tumor and her family was told that it was uncertain whether she would even be able to walk or talk. Since then, Ms. Mignault has graduated college with three degrees. She considers her life right now her second chance and she loves sharing it with her students at GMC. Other than that, Ms. Mignault says any fun facts about herself can be summed up by one of her social media bios, "Adventures of a Cat Lovin', Jesus Lovin', Harry Potter obsessin', Linguist."

When asked what her favorite thing about GMC is, Ms. Mignault stated, "The fact that GMC is a family. It has not been an easy year by any means, but everyone (admin, my colleagues, and students alike) checks on one another, help where it's needed, is there for you if times are tough, and celebrates with you when times are great. I thank God for my GMC family every day."

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