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Spirit Week Events Announced.

The long-awaited time has arrived: GMC spirit week has been announced. After delays and a plethora of skepticism on whether or not it could be done, the student government has finally said that it is definitely happening. It is going to start on the 18th and will last until the 25, leading us into a hopefully great Spring Break. That being said, the student government does have a limited time to plan this, only having 8 days left to refine out the details for the week. It seems to be like not everything has been finalized, but future new and exciting things will be announced in the near future about what to expect. The slow rollout of information has been building up the mystery, and with mystery comes anticipation. Of course, this week will be limited compared to other spirit weeks due to the challenges faced with the Coronavirus and social distancing. That being said, the blazer spirit will undoubtedly come through, as it always does, and find a way to make this spirit week special and rememberable for all classes.