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Super Bowl LV: Brady Wins His Seventh Ring

On February 7th, the Tom Brady lead Tampa Bay Buccaneers would obtain their second title since the foundation of their franchise. This win was at the expense of the raining champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, and their renowned young quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. This 31-9 murder on the Bucs part comes as a surprising upset to what many believed was going to be a passing of the torch moment from Brady to Mahomes. However, by the end of the game, it became clear to all that the exact opposite happened.

Many didn't even suspect the Bucs would get this far in the postseason, let alone actually win the Superbowl. Tom Brady, a man who needs no introduction, came into conflict with the patriots during the offseason and ended up on the trading market, and the Bucs made sure to pick him up as soon as they could. Although being able to sign a quarterback that has won more super bowls than almost all franchises ever sounds good at first glance, there were many reasons why a team might be hesitant training for him. After having a lackluster season in his last year as a Patriot, many believed the quarterback was on his last legs and soon to retire. There has also been a plethora of discussion on whether Brady is a "system quarterback", being reliant on his hall of fame coach, Bill Belichick, and the team around him to do anything.

On the other side of the coin, Patrick Mahomes Chiefs have been killing it recently. Entering this season's Superbowl as the presumed favorite after winning the last go-around against the Sanfransico 49s, most people figured he would be taking home his second ring in just three years in the NFL. However, one must always remember to never bet against Tom Brady in the super bowl.

The Bucs had an amazing 1st quarter showing against the Chefs that would foreshadow shadow the rest of the game. While the Chefs would get the first score with a 3-point field goal, the Bucs would respond with 2 touchdowns, which were Brady's first-ever touchdowns in the first quarter of a super bowl. The game would continue down this path for the rest of its run time. The Bucs' defense would hold the Chefs without a touchdown throughout the whole game. Patrick Mahomes played his heart out, having many passes that would hit the receiver dead on, but seemingly never able to catch the ball. Mahomes was pressured the most times in any super bowl ever, while Brady was pressured the least times. Watching the Chefs offensive line erode and trampled by the Buc's defense rushing to sac Mahomes was a sight to see.

The Weeknd's half-time performance gave Patrick Mahomes and his new limp a little time to rest, but not enough to stop the bleeding that soaked out onto the Chef's red uniforms. By the fourth quarter, the chef's offensive line, already weak because of injury coming into this game, seemed all but nonexistent. Even the most adamant Buc's fan must have felt some sort of pity for Mahomes, who despite a magnificent performance, was hindered to a mediocre showing because of the worn-out and exhausted tools that he was given to execute a victory.

The game ended with a 31-9 score in the Bucs favor. Tom Brady lifted his 7th Lambardi trophy that night, officially winning more super bowls than any franchise ever in just his 20 years playing in the league. Perhaps one of the biggest upsets in history, Brady has once again done the impossible, making it clear that his era is not over just quite yet and his torch remains firmly grasped in his hand, not ready to pass it on to anyone else for the foreseeable future. Of course, Mahomes will only get better from this point out, and perhaps a loss will push him to challenge himself to be the best he can possibly be and lead his team to another title. Only one thing can be certain though and that is this super bowl, whether it is because of the Corna troubles or the surprising ending of it all, will go down in history as a truly unique showing of what American football is and its endurance of its players.