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The Forge Newspaper

As this year starts to come to an end it is always a good idea to start looking into your next classes. Are you looking for a class to be yourself in? To write about anything you are passionate about? Are you looking to make new friends? If so, The Forge Newspaper is the class for you! The Forge started in 2017 and is going on its 5th year.

The team has grown so much over the years. Not only do we write articles, but we do many fun things as a team to build relationships with each other. We have made sweatshirts for each year and love to do photo shoots with them. We also go to school dances, have seasonal parties, and do team bonding games. Although due to Covid-19 this year has prevented us from having the parties and dances we are used to, it hasn't stopped us from enjoying this class and making memories together.

Here are some things our staff loves about The Forge and what it means to them:

"Joining The Forge has been a great way to grow my organization, writing, and leadership skills. You also get the opportunity to meet your fellow reporters who are incredibly intelligent, talented, and kind."- Morgan Kelly (Editor-In-Chief)

"The Forge is very much a family; there has never been a dull moment. I have become a better writer as well. I had originally chosen this class because I love to write, but it has become so much more since I joined." -Ansa Thomas (Reporter)

"One of the things I love the most about the Forge is how different the environment is from other classes." -Elijah Craft (Reporter)

If you are looking for family and somewhere to grow The Forge newspaper is a great choice. I have grown to love to write and do better in my other class thanks to being apart of The Forge. I never would have been this confident in my writing if I would't have taken this class. I have met some of my best friends in this newspaper class. One thing I love about The Forge is there are many types of people in here. Some of us don't have many things in common, but the one thing we do have is being kind and supportive to each other no matter what.

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